Friday, June 25

Dreams Revisited

love, betrayal, murder, deceit, a panther's baby, and some really screwy eyes.. all played a part last night. strangeness abounded, let me tell you. or rather, let me give you snippets, as for the most part.. it felt like one long dream, that i was having throughout the night. suffice to say, i'm sort of tired.

- lisa and i were covering up some lies that we told for no good reason (she's bad about that), and for some reason, the only way to fix it accidentally killed a large man, who we then had to pretend to have never seen before, and were being investigated by the police about anyway. never happened, on to another part of the dream.

- we're getting chased around by this panther (who we just know is so-and-so panther's son), and he almost eats me. i think he had a really distinctive look about him.. oh, he kept playing with stuff, in a really threatening way. and just as he was about to catch me (cause he'd catch me, cause i'm slow and i trip over stuff more than i should), the panther-expert (and everyone else) turned around from their safe vantage point, and said, "Oh, don't worry, it's just the baby boy, see how he plays?" i looked, and here the panther was batting at the bottom of the ladder i was on, seconds before he leapt snarling into my face. i think somehow i got out of it, because next thing i know i'm

- accidentally at a wedding reception, with lisa, and she notices that the guys at the next table are the group she was telling me about last night (which might be true, i was drunk the night before, and might not remember the dreams i had.. it seemed familiar..) and she goes and sits with them, and i do too.. but they don't like me. they think i'm harsh and abrasive (which i can be, because i tease and sometimes i take things too far), and they focus all of their attention on her. so i'm feeling alone, and i go to sit on a chair. just after i do so, one of the guys joins me, and we talk for a little bit, and then the bride comes over, and for godknowswhatreason sits in my lap, and asks me how i like her wedding. i'm feeling depressed, but it's a nice wedding, and i tell her it's great. just then, she looks back at me, and says something bride-cheesy like, "It really is, isn't it?" and her eyes tear up, cause she's so happy. she's got the strangest eyes i've ever seen, they're green, and blue, and when she turns her head to the side, one of her pupils disappears, but i don't really care. i almost cry, i might have, (because it was a staggering thing to experience, to be that close to it. it was one of those moments that sometimes happen that you hold onto, forever. it was important, because more than a few times in my life, i've thought, "You know, i'm just going to be single and be happy with it", and i might, and i might be. but there are some things that i'd miss, by staying single, and i think this is one of them. the 'i'm so happy i can't even contain my emotions at my wedding' feeling. someday, i'd like that. back to the dream) and i looked over at the guy who'd joined me, and said a little of what i explained above, but not nearly as much, and he nodded, and i went to stand up, and my knees almost gave out.

there are more, or rather, lisa and i went other places, too, and the same sorts of things happened, but it wasn't as interesting or as moving as this was..

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