Tuesday, July 27

all of a sudden i've got this intense feeling that i could never ever be good enough for someone this perfect, and a secret sort of feeling that at least i tricked him enough so that i'll get to see him, if nothing else, at least i'll have that little time to see him and feel him and look at him before he realizes what i really am.

i have a feeling my care package isn't sufficient, but also a feeling that you won't think that way, so i guess we'll have to wait and see.  i have a tendancy to get flippant on people, so that i can make sure they don't think they're hurting me when they decide they can live without me.  there might be some of that involved.  hearts hearts hearts.  don't believe me when i get that way, everever.

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B said...

If this is trickery, its great. It's the best kind of trickery. It's the kind where you let yourself get tricked and it feels so right, so good, you dont want it to end.

I would like to think i realize what you really are. I really think I do. I think we'll have more than that little time to see eachother. Something tells me that.

The fact that you sent me anything means more than I can explain.

I wont believe you - i dont think it will come to that.