Sunday, July 25

Get This. Update it. Run it.

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What's new in Adaware Version 6?
Leading anti data-mining utility, features the best maintained and updated target base  
Targets hundreds of systems and thousands of variations  
All new, vastly improved, in-depth scanning engine  
Includes an Advanced process browser full supporting installed extensions, linked to the in-depth scan engine  
Fully customizable automated scanning modes  
Webupdate module now fully integrated into the Ad-aware interface  
Entirely new, highly improved user interface  
All new plug-in concept allows for powerful expandability and updating without the need to download a new core-application  
Automatic quarantine (backup) function capability  
Enhanced logging capabilities  
Powerful tweaking options allows tweaking all aspects of Ad-aware  
Extended in-depth registry scans  
Exporting and printing of HTML reports  
Powerful command line options, to load config scripts and referencefiles from, and send logfiles to remote drives  
Blocks Browser hijacker attempts, Active-X installations, IE save attempts, and unauthorized auto start entries  
Includes a Popup stopper with customizable black-list  
Smart process-blocking, including filter lists  
Enhanced menus providing many more options.  
Plus many other enhancements!  

(it got 190, one nine zero, things on my computer today - it even found incredifind.  it's ada-beautiful.)

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