Tuesday, July 27


  1.  one of those songs i loved before i knew it.  i loved that i could tell that they were from texas, just from their voices, before i asked, and that someone was impressed that i could tell. 
  2. very.. synthesizer.  it's cool.  like the voice, it's very well put-together.  which sounds like a sexual comment.  i talk in sex lately.  i love that title part, when it gets good.  can't explain it well, but i like it a lot.  expressive song, i guess.
  3. she's got a cool voice.  i like it.
  4. that's exactly the reason i love it, because you used to.
  5. i loved this song from the first second it started.  i love that you explain them.  i love it how you did it, and it makes me so happy.
  6. hey, i know this song.  i like this song.  it's one that i never knew the name of.  great feeling.
  7. ooh, i really really like this one, too.  never heard it before.  it's nice, makes me feel sexy.  plus, i've always had a spot in my heart for the the bands.  just for having a really funny title as a genre of band.  love it.
  8. you're right.  pretty song.
  9. skipped it for now.
  10. i love the title.  great song, you're right.  baring the soul of the song - i love that.

i'll comment on the others later, i think, i'm too busy watching you to really listen right now.

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