Thursday, July 22

maybe it's a good thing.

i really doubt that, given the chance to hear this guy in person, i'd willingly fall asleep.  waiting until it's impossible to do anything BUT fall asleep isn't always reasonable.  i am so interested, and amazed, with every single thing he has to say, that i never want to fall asleep.

at the same time, talking to him makes me so comfortable, i feel so at ease, so content, that i usually can't help but feel sleepy, mmmm...

and then there's the fact that everything he says is so damn interesting.. we have the most interesting conversations.  very engaging, but a just-as-good-word is captivating.  he's extremely captivating, and i don't know how i could ever live without him. 

he told me a story today, and i wanted to cry, but it showed his peaceful side. 

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Cleo said...

I know exactly how you feel. Been there before, getting there now. That weird dichotomy between the utter comfort and relaxation of being with one you love, and not wanting to miss a single word, breath, moment.

I think that's why knowing there's a future for a relationship is so important. Knowing that whichever you pick, there's always time for the other.