Wednesday, July 21

s: ready?
b: so ready
s: it's like.. my favorite thing, ever ever ever.
s: i saw it at a museum in minneapolis, and sat staring at it for EVER.  took up a whole damn wall.
b: its that big?
s: it's so big
b: that is awesome
s: it's PERFECT.. all the little imperfections, everything
b: that makes it great
s: down to the tiniest detail
s: i think i was 17, at the time..
s: i sat and looked at it, and was AMAZED that someone could be so comfortable with himself, and his faults, and be so HONEST about them.
s: the smoke, from the cigarette, is amazing.
s: i thought it was a giant photo, at first glance.
b: you know how good you have to be to do something like htat
s: nose-hairs.
b: that
b: i have to see this
s: it's perfect, and he's so not a pretty man.. it was just so moving
s: sign me up to go with you, when you find out where it is, because i could stare at it for another day or two

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