Monday, July 26

Ok, so maybe i was wrong.

this is what i woke up to, on the counter:

Sarah - I left for vacation with the kitchen cleaned up.  All I asked was for you to Keep it that way & to unload the washer.
And I can't get near the computer - please clean that area up.  You know i'll do the kitchen.  as always.

Holy Passive Aggressive, Batman! 

so then when my dad came in, and said something about me trying to do something in the kitchen before work, of course i cut him off - "I KNOW, dad".  and then i felt bad, and tried to explain, but i think i made it worse, cause it hurt me too much to say without showing that hurt, "i went to bed last night thinking, 'wow, this is great, they got back from vacation and no one had anything to yell at me about', and then i wake up to this..." and i almost cried.  and then i said i was sorry too many times, and he understood, but didn't have anything he could say, so he just left.  now everyone feels shitty, and i feel like it's my fault.

on the upside, it seems like the sloppier i get - read glass post below - the more i'm adored.  a girl could get used to this.. scratch that.  i don't think anyone could ever get used to this feeling.  in a very very very nice way.


Cleo said...

Aren't parents great? And it's not your fault. If your mom can't tell you, straight up, to your face, in a repsectful manner, that she's not pleased with how you took care of the place while they were gone, it's not your fault. At all. And I understand your hurt - it's hard to feel like a disappointment. I spent a lot of time growing up, and longer, feeling that way. I'm just surprised that they *could* be.

Anonymous said...

I know you cleaned up around there. I remember you telling me that. You tried and sometimes no matter what you do, they can find something that you didn't do but should have. Or so they believe. It always hurts at least a little to think you did things in a way that pleases them and then find out that you weren't able to.

I think sometimes it's hard to communicate those things that are on your mind to other people. As time goes by, that seems to be an issue that everyone runs into at one time or another. It's not your fault, and you shouldn't think that.

There are only two sloppy things I really don't like... I'm pretty easy to please. Don't leave a glass of half full milk out. Someone will die from the smell if you do. Also, don't leave raw chicken out. Everyone will die from the smell if you do. I escaped death once as a roomie did that to me. Not cool.

Other than that, it's okay to be sloppy. Considering it's you, I don't think I'd mind.