Tuesday, July 27

that smell - it's like instant tears, but happy. and that feeling, in a can, only not in a can.

i am totally having an affair.  on my phone.  with a shirt.  i'm carrying it around with me, holding it on my shoulder.. only because if i put it on, i won't be able to take it off, and that's just plain.. silly.  i took a picture, but it might be too creepy for the rest of you to appreciate - and i only want to share it with one person.  only they get to see the me that's that creepy. 

i just realized that it's absurd that he thinks that's a good thing.  in an oh-my-god-please-get-here-now sort of way.

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Anonymous said...

it all seems so perfect to me. even better than i hoped it would be. I'm very happy.