Tuesday, July 27


the message on mike's voice mail says:

Hi, you've reached Mike.  I'm away from my desk right now, but if you leave your name and your number, i'll be sure and get back to you. Thank you.

i'm THOROUGHLY amused by this for several reasons.  not the least of which is the idea that he can be away from his "desk" and unable to answer his cell phone.

also, because it reminds me of his old message, the one i used to listen on his answering machine at his house, just to hear his voice.  to this day i know it by heart.. "You have reached 7**, nine-three, nine-five.  Please.  Leave a message, and we'll get right backtaya."  if you want, i can do my impression on the phone. 

but his professional manner on the phone really impressed me, always has, it's very polite, and it reminds me of your work-phone-voice.   i liked it again when i called, just now.  i'm glad you don't use it all the time, though.  i only want to hear it when you're working, ok?  and that way, too, you'll know that you're completely making me.. anticipation again.

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