Monday, July 26


This is a work in progress.. check back for links as i update it.

Country Store, Smalltown:

hacker pschorr munich, hacker pschorr weisse, corona (extra and light), heineken, pilsner urquell, bass, becks, st pauli girl, fosters, heineken special dark, amstel light, grolsch, michelob (ultra light, GD, GD light, amber boch, honey lager, light)[<-- check on those, are they right?], aspen edge (?), goose island oatmeal stout (chicago), mickeys, rolling rock (first beer i remember drinking, and going, "Mmmm, beer" to), killians, blue moon (belgian white), labatt blue, bud&light 6oz cans (they make those?  just don't see the point), bud&light ices, coors light, bud&light 12oz cans (more like it) and bottles, miller lite 12oz cans, bottles, safety (plastic) bottles (so if you're at a concert and want to hit someone, it won't break, it'll just hurt a lot), miller genuine draft cans&bottles, busch (regular, light, and ice), capitol brewery (special pilsner, wisconsin amber, bavarian lager), sierra nevada pale ale, sunrye ale's red hook, point (special lager and white biere (that first e needs an accente grave - forgive the poor french spellings, i forgot most of them), special export, leinenkugels (origional, honey weisse, red lager, amber light, creamy dark, berry weisse), red stripe, samuel adams (boston lager, light, creamy stout, cherry wheat)

Pick'n Save, Smalltown:

milwaukee's best (regular, light, and ice), hamms (premium, GD, and special light), natural (light and ice), Blatz (regular and light), bud dry, red dog, keystone (regular and light), miller high life (regular and light) (the champagne of beers - had to include that),  old milwaukee, old style, pabst blue ribbon, extra gold slow brewed lager, coors (regular and light), strohs (regular and light), old style GD (? since when?) and light (again with the ?), guiness, fosters special bitter, molson (golden and canadian), woodchuck amber, sprecher special amber, berghoff (famous amber ale, genuine dark lager), corona (in cans?)

2J's Liquor
olde english 800 (needed to put all your minds at ease, so i threw it in), labatt blue light, kirin lager, sapporo premium beer, newcastle brown ale, harp lager, tsing tao (chinese beer?!), moosehead lager, cervesa pacifico clara (mazatlan), tecate (hecho en mexico), dos equis, negra modelo, murphy's pub draught stout, warsteiner ("because life's too short to drink cheap beer" - priced at 12 pack for $12.99), boddlington's pub ale, mississippi mud (slow brewed black and tan beer), grolsch and warsteiner available in 5L kegs - with convenient built in taps?!  heaven! - important elephant, spotted cow (new glarus brewing company)

this is the list of beer available at our local stores..

and heres a few fun wines i found, in 2J's:

dom perignon $118.95, fonseca vintage porto 2000 $109.99,

our very own wisconsin varieties, including those made out of:

blackberry, cherry (dry and sweet), strawberry, peach, plum (my dad makes that sometimes!  we have a plum tree in the backyard), blueberry, elderberry, cranberry, rhubarb (Hahaha!)

ranging in price from $6.49 to $11.99 (for the elderberry, cause i knew you'd want to know, cause i'd want to know).

just goes to prove that our favorite statewide passtime is clearly:  "Making everything that grows into a form of intoxicating beverage."

note, 2J's has the most expensive box wine in town, strangely enough.



Anonymous said...

The sheer love of beer makes me feel like I should become an honorary Wisconsinite. If that's what you call yourselves.

sunny said...

hey, at least it's better than those poor michigan folks.