Sunday, July 25

Neighbors Revisited

or Get Thee Back Satan, From Whence Ye Came!

ok, so i went outside today, to go to the store, and Oneandthesame called me over.  she'd heard more about who the bitchy-note-leavers might be, and she wanted to share. 

apparently the people across the street (not the drug-dealers, the other ones, on the corner) called the cops on the people next door (on the other side) of the drug-dealers.  they used to have 2 dogs, beagle-mixes.. and because the people on the corner called the cops 5 times, they were taken away and put to sleep.  it makes me sick.  here's something MORE sick, if you can stomach it.

they also used to have a cat.  the cat (like most of the neighborhood cats) roamed the streets, generally just being a mouse-catcher for the neighborhood.  they're all good cats, they run away from you if you get too close, etc.  the closest i've ever come to seeing one up close was one time when one of them was sleeping on top of mom's minivan.  but i digress.

this cat was apparently caught sleeping in the NeighborsFromHell's flowerbed.  they killed it, tied a note around it's neck explaining that it had been sleeping in their flowers, and that this is what happened to cats who roamed free to sleep in flowerbeds, and then they.. cover your eyes, it gets even worse.. then they threw it over the fence where the children found it.. eventually.

needless to say, i'm feeling very grateful that all they did was leave a note.. i've seen some horrible emergency vets dealing with rat poison.  i just never thought people like that actually existed.  Ready to Rumble indeed.

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Cleo said...

Rumble, nothing. They need to be found in *their* yard with notes around *their* necks!!

I'm not ordinarily a violent person, but that will do it. Keep an eye on your pup.... And maybe notify animal control. Or the ASPCA. Or both.