Friday, July 23


when i was younger, like.. 11, i formulated the perfect idea of heaven.  it was one where everyone had a different place they went to, the place where everything was perfect to them, when they were alive.  as much as most people don't like to think things are ever perfect, they're wrong.  everyone has a perfect place, and when they go to heaven (the heaven i want to go to) that place is made even better - because it's pure perfect.

when i go to my definition of heaven, it will be the place i went to last night.  my car won't break down twice, on the way there, but if it does, it's not a big deal.  two guys vying for my attention might just fix it for me, collectively. 

notes for the day:

- check fluids in car.  remember where transmission fluid goes (behind engine). 
- weird that now that you're seeing yourself as acceptably sexual, you notice other people more often, looking at you in a sexual manner.  slightly gross, isn't it?
- sleeping in a tent is better than sleeping in a camper, always. 
- calling someone collect isn't as scary as it seems. 
- always have a friend with a speed boat, never own one yourself.  pain in the ass.
- speedboats should be brown with orange sparkles.  any one i own will be, anyway.
- the kids look at me like i looked at mom's cousins.. i need to spend more time with them.
- feeling your skin get slightly too tight when you're in the sun is wonderful and horrible, all at once.
- sunburn isn't as unpleasant as everyone would make you think.

i hope my pictures turned out, so i can show you some of the wonderful things..

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