Saturday, July 31


what the hell is up with fashion lately? lisa and i spent an hour going through a TERRIBLE sears catalogue yesterday.. the men's big and tall.. when did dressing like a woman turn cool? some of these guys were wearing what appeared to be 2-piece moo-moos. there were FAR too many stars&stripes themes. v-necks on guys? ok, that's fine. v-necks that plunge deeper than anything i'd wear? not so much. peasant tops? i don't think so. sleeveless is fine, if you're in a wifebeater. if you're in a vest/shirt/etc.. best be certain it doesn't look TAILORED to be that way, if you want something like that to be something i'll be seen with you in, cut off your own damn sleeves. or buy it somewhere trendy that makes them look homemade. call me a hick, but i'll take a wifebeater over a blouse on a man, anyday. especially if they call it that. here are some examples (i shit you not!) of the names of colors men are wearing nowdays:

Dusty Jade

what ever happened to the names men are supposed to call colors? like green, blue, red, black.. i mean, where did all this girly crap come from? to quote myself, "What happened to men's clothing being simple, like men should be." someone brought to my attention the idea that because women are stealing away all men's glory, they're taking over some of our girly stuff. sorry, if this is your thing.. but a manicure isn't ever anything i want to hear requested as an anniversary present.

what was the name of those crazy fucking pants from 10+ years ago, with all the colors? it's eating my brain, not knowing.

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