Sunday, July 25

i'm so happy i could die

everything on my computer looks shiney and new again, and there's even more to jump around in happy dances about:

- i've got a new webcam/digicam, and it's got a FLAT BOTTOM.  this is muchos preferable to the one i used to have.. you know, shot glass cam.

- i fixed my spybot shit all on my own, and feel really, really smart and cool.  shared it with you guys, so that you can feel smart and cool, too.  also, less incredifind-ed.  i hate that bastard thing.

- got my pictures back from the reunion, and from the roll i took last week, and now i've got a bunch i want to show you - can't wait for you to get home so i can share.

- bought bunches of really cool stuff when i was waiting for my pictures to get developed, and my card wasn't declined.  small miracles are the best kinds.  japanese lantern pajamas are hella cool. 

- mom and dad are back from vacation, and they weren't pissed about anything.  usually there's at least one thing keeping them from being okhappy with me.. maybe they're high.

- augie got super-fantastic haircut and is happy to be home.  keeps laying all serenely at my feet and sighing, gotta love it. 

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Cleo said...

Good for you on the spybot stuff!!! That'll make you tear your hair, I know. Some nasty stuff ended up on my machine at work, because my desk is out of the way, and has internet access. It took me *hours* to use HijackThis to get it all off. High five!