Saturday, July 31

that was so odd. perfect, but odd. i bet i'm the only one in 50 square miles who's ex was convinced she was a lesbian.. while dating her. your whole take on that situation was amazing, and it makes so much sense.

i heard that little change-up in your voice that meant you were trying not to get mad at someone who'd hurt me. i love you because you got mad, and because you stifled it, knowing that i wasn't mad, and it probably wasn't appropriate. just because he hurt me, you were angry, and that makes me happy (you know, that part of me that's a girl, that part gets happy). just because i'm willing to learn, and to grow, and to appreciate the way it made me, you decided to hide it from me, and i love you because of that. you trust me, and my judgement, and that means the world to me.

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