Thursday, July 29


i'm upset, slightly, that no one responded to the post when i asked people to tell me if they read my blog.  i shouldn't be, but there's a few reasons behind it.

am i the only one who, when i read someone's blog, i wonder about the other people who read it, and click to see if they've got their own blogs?  does that friend of yours, and do the other friends of yours really not care enough about the person you're obviously so taken with, that they aren't checking to see?  i want your friends to care.  more for your sake, than mine. 

if i were them, and you were me, i'd be totally reading up on myself.  this doesn't apply to amy (who does, i know) or to you (because i know you read).. but to the other people. 

i'm asking you in order to reassure myself that you guys care enough to be reading up on me.  whether you like me or not isn't the issue, i just want to know that you're researching, i guess.  reassure me that you guys care enough to read what i've got to say?  reply please.  you deserve the friends who'll be snooping around for you, because they care.


Cleo said...

I read your blog, but you know that!! And yes, I follow all the links all over the place. And yes, if I were them, I'd be finding out as much as humanly possible about you. But then I am a nosy wench.

Anonymous said...

I know my friends care, but I'm not surprised that no one replied. Maybe they didn't look at your blog. Maybe they did, and they just didn't post anything. My friends (especially one in question) might not feel it's their place to post anything on your blog. I would be surprised if some people didn't look at yours every day to see what new information you posted. Chances are, they do that, and maybe that's as far as they're willing to go. That could have to do with many things, including me being kind of secretive and selfish in the past. I dont know. I do know they care, because they ask me about you all the time.

sunny said...

that makes me feel.. better. the one in question is ridiculous for thinking he doesn't have a right. what good is a blog if it's not reflected upon? plus, now i'm feeling guilty for replying to his..

Anonymous said...

Yes, I read your blog :)

Anonymous said...

I like your blog. I like the "breathe out, so I can breathe you in don't cry" title, and when i found your blog, i felt the exact same way as what you put on your blog that day. It helped a lot, even though I still felt like it was a very bad day. Thanks! I am at ...i am anonymous i dont want people to find me....ha ha thanks for putting your blog on the web

B said...

It looks like you're getting more readers all the time ;)

B said...

I just reread and realized that I wasnt talking about a "he" asking about you all the time. I missed that important piece of information upon first read. That makes it different. Maybe someone should ask him why he doesnt post.

Anonymous said...

Okay, okay. I'm here to help cheer you up, Miss Sunny.

First of all, I'm blogger-stupid. I didn't even know that you could look at other people's blogs by clicking on their little, blue-highlighted names. Today was the first day that I realized I could do so, and here I am. However, even if I had found it earlier, I don't know that I would have posted here until you mentioned that you wanted to know Bruce's friends read this. I consider his relationship with you as part of his private life, and while I do ask about you and listen to his stories, I don't feel that it is my place to pry too much or do too much research about you.

I trust his good judgement and his keen insight into people. When he says that you are wonderful and amazing, and when he practically shines when he mentions you, I know he's found someone just as fantastic as he's claimed. I have never, in my almost ten years of knowing him, seen him this giddy about someone. That, in itself, speaks volumes about your wonderful character.

He can, however, be rather secretive when it comes to not wanting to jinx something. This is one of his most endearing qualities, and it is also the reason that I respect his space in certain situations. Rest assured, I do care very much that he is interested in you, and I do care very much that you are a good person for him. So far, after looking at your profile, you have a standout good taste in authors, so you're high on my list of good people.

I read you blog, too. So, relax. Be happy. I think you're just as great as he's told me you are.

:) Jessica