Monday, July 26

Jakie and Jeff

are getting married.  they've become re-engaged.  i'm counseling mike through the process.  not only did he choose her over me, he spent 6 years with her, getting jerked around emotionally, while she was fucking jeff.  yes, you heart right.  (<----that?  that was a hello slip-up.  i normally would have corrected it, but i want you to think about the shower of hearts.)

[watching you be resourceful is hot in a very masturbatory way, i think, oddly enough.. i have a feeling you're doing the exact same thing that i would be doing, talking to them in exactly the same manner i would, were i on the phones with them.  except you've got sway, which is normally hot, goes back to hunter/gatherer times, methinks.  nonetheless, very very sexy to see you doing.  because i think you're using the techniques i use, and i think that the ones i use are the best, and the idea that you came to the same conclusions on how to treat people to get them to bend to your will is incredibly sexy in a very arrogant way, to me.]

i got a cd one time, from a good friend of mine, from online (actually, 3 cds), and it was amazing, how many of the songs were songs i always wanted to know the name of.. here's a few that i love:  there is, prisoner of society, alcohol, good riddance - a live version?, underground, americana, band on every corner, don't you know who i am?, calypso (in the beginning of 10 things i hate about you) <--- and that's all just one cd!

listen up all you crazy insanos who read my blog and don't comment EVER<-- START FREAKNING COMMENTING.  i adore feedback, tell me if you love me, or if you hate me, and why, if you're so inclined.  also, tell me how often you check back, i am just arrogant enough to want to know all the details about you - so long as they pertain to myself.

i've got a visitor coming, and i could literally bust/melt with anticipation. 


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