Friday, July 23

Roughing It

used to mean sleeping in tents, on the floor of the tent.  hopefully having the tent in a semi-rockless area.  with a blanket, if you were lucky.  maybe a sweatshirt for a pillow, cause you forgot yours.  you woke up early, too too early, and couldn't get back to sleep because the waves lapping at the shore were waking up those last 3 beers in your bladder and making it impossible to sleep without wetting your "bed".  jamie and i were talking today about how what they do now isn't really *really* camping, and talking about all the hardships, and we realized where it was going, and we laughed and turned it into, "And we had to walk TWO MILES to the liquor store.. uphill, both ways!!"  just beautiful. 

if you were a kid, you'd spend your days wandering, hunting crabs, or riding your bike around the campsites, making friends with people based on the most important aspect of friendship when you're 8 - age.  your mom and her cousins would lay on their rafts on the lake all day, and you'd swim, off and on, and wonder how they could sit there all day, when there were so many fun things to do.  when you were hungry, you wandered, and one of the campsites was cooking something, and they fed you.  you didn't miss TV, or the radio.. actually, when you got back home, the world seemed much to noisy.  the air was clean, and tasted like sunshine, and you wished you could be there forever.

i was up until late last night, woke up at 7:30 this morning, and went swimming in the most gorgeous water i've ever seen.  walking back along the beach through the water when the world was still asleep was something i hope i carry with me always.  the water making soft noises as i displaced it, watching my feet dance in the sunshine dappling down through the crystal clear waters on the sandy bottom.. and hearing the world wake up around me.  only one thing was missing, and i hope words aren't all he has to go by forever.

Great quotes from today:
"And we all just had a lot in common.. we all liked to go to the bars, and drink.. a LOT."
"Oh, mom's not that skinny, she sucks it in.. a LOT."
"Did you want to see fast?"

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Anonymous said...

it sounds like such a perfect place - I would love to see it.