Sunday, July 25


i was just rinsing off my dishes from the week, thinking.. and i had a sort of a great thought.  in a past relationship, i was expected to be the dishes AND the laundry doer.  that seemed hideously unfair.  in the future, i hope i don't have to be either, that it can be split up.  also, if i'm expected to be any sort of a dishes-doer, we rinse our dishes.  nothing quite grosses me out the way that the floaties in the sink do.  not that i won't do it, if they're not rinsed, but don't expect me to do it all the way through, and there's definately going to be some gagging.  but if you don't mind that..

actually, a good sort of all-encompassing rule: 

When i'm gagging, i'm not having fun.  Please care that i'm not having fun. 

thank you.

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Anonymous said...

I would do the dishes, given the situation. You are just expected to be you - and that in itself is great.