Sunday, July 25

Don't Cry

don't let it make you sad.  this is the happiest thing ever.  i know the feeling.  it's completely too much to bear, sometimes.. if things were easier, i think we'd explode on contact.  this is our time to ready ourselves, and prepare, and to let the anticipation build.  this is our time.  i love you.

it's easy to cry, or to want to, the feelings are sometimes too strong to put to words, or to even understand.  it's hard to get a grip on them, these elusive feelings.  they're like a bluegill, only less slimey.  just.. slippery.  prettier than a dead fish, too.  it's like, trying to get a firm hold on pudding.  only less messy, and with less bill cosby.  only more bill cosby, because more bill is usually better.  god, i miss you.

laugh, instead.  please?  try to keep your smile on, know how much it makes me feel good to see you happy, and laugh.  laugh because it's ridiculous - it feels like no one was ever meant to feel this way, it's too good.  sinful.  laugh because we're cheating the system.. those bastards tried to keep us away, and unhappy, and searching forever, and we beat them.  with our fancy new intranet.  we found what they tried to keep us away from, be glad.  laugh.  i'm putting on my happy face, the least you can do is put on yours.  or at least a funny hat.


Anonymous said...

its hard because its so easy. it shouldnt be sometimes. the emotion gets so powerful that it can knock you over. it is too much, and that is why its so great. its so wonderful that it is kinda ridiculous. wonderful ridiculous. i try to laugh and am able to most times. this time, it was more than i expected, and it overcame me. I just keep in mind what we've accomplished so far and hope i dont cry like a baby when i see you.

Cleo said...

Gawd, I just want to hug you both. Hang in there guys, it'll be soon. And it's not *that* far. And you have unlimited long distance. It could be worse.... And I know the whole overwhelmed-by-your-feelings thing. The most wonderful terrible feeling in the world. I'm so happy for you!!!!