Tuesday, July 27


i never really thought this about me, but a relative said it last week (friday, on vacation), and i think it struck a chord.  she said something about me being, "just how i remember, you, sarah, never able to sit still," and i think she's right.  i'm twitchy, slightly.  nervous.  always waiting for something to happen, always expecting something, always afraid i'll miss out on it when it does.  it's just how i am, and i'm getting excited now, and it's getting worse.

i can't sleep, without aids - usually the boxed variety - and that's something that makes me upset.  when i wake up, i can't get back to sleep (when i'm happy, and right now, i'm on-the-verge-of-tears-happy constantly), because my mind starts moving, and i can't (or don't want to) stop it.  it's so frustrating. 

i feel like that donkey.  you know, the one that's being made to run so fast for that carrot on the fishing pole (that's how i always saw it as a kid).  there's this amazing, wonderful, indescribable thing that's right there, in front of my face, and completely out of my reach.  i love it.  ten days is for-eh-VER. 

but i need an alternative method to falling asleep.  yoga, eh?  very interesting.


Cleo said...

And it has the fringe benefit of increased flexibility. Or sometimes not-so-fringe, really.

Anonymous said...

yeah, ive been practicing mine, and i think youll be amazed at how well i can breakdance now. .....thats what you mean, right?


Cleo said...

yes. breakdancing was exactly what I meant. how'd you know?