Saturday, July 31

Lisa, Making Me Laugh

(to the crying child who didn't want his mommy to leave to join us at perkins)
Lisa: "Oh, it's ok, honey.. if you let us go, i'll bring you back a giant muffin!"
Sarah: "If i scream and cry next time you leave me, will you promise me a giant muffin, too?"

(when drunk, mixing metaphores like i do)
"God, that just drives the nuts outta me!"

(talking about how it's not fair, some of the times she was mad at me in the past..)
Lisa: "Well, i hide it, it's not like anyone would know i'm after that guy. Plus, it's totally unfair of me to lay claim to all of the good guys i have contact with.. i shouldn't just be putting them on hold."
Sarah: "The back burner.."
Lisa: "Exactly, i shouldn't be putting them on the back burner to simmer, like gravy. totally unfair of me to hate you over guys no one knows i want.. especially if i'm taken and just keeping them on hold for when i might be single again."

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