Friday, July 23


so burnt, so very very hot and red and chilly all at once.  drinking water, like a wise person told me to do.  after not drinking water, somewhat on purpose, just because i'm stubborn, and don't like to do things that people suggest i do.  i challenge them, and don't do it, and almost pass out at the bar, and then end up calling them on my way home from upnorth, and dragging them away from their friends at the bar who are supposed to be avoiding exes (sorry cam!).  i'm stubborn; i know that bruce is right, and that he's smart, and that he knows what he's talking about, but sometimes, even that isn't enough for me to listen.  sometimes, even being completely totally in love with someone isn't enough to make me listen to their common sense.  just because they suggested i do it, i refuse to.  i'm drinking water now.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's better to do things on your own because you want to do them, regardless of who suggests it. Common sense can be overrated on occasion. It looks like you made it out ok, just a little more red. I like the fact that you did it your own way, anyway.