Saturday, July 24

i look at that damn table every single day.  i walk past it 4 times a day, and when no one is watching, i touch it.  i love this table.  this table represents what i don't have (my own place) and it tells me, reminds me every day.. the day i am able to live on my own and have my own table, will be just too late.

i have no doubt in my mind that the day i need a kitchen table will be the day after the last of these tables is taken off the market.  and then i'll spend the rest of my life trying to find a table i like as much as i like this one.. i'll find close, but they'll never quite be.. right.  this is my Amy of a table.  i'll be chasing it forever.


B said...

sometimes it seems like you can never get what you want when you think you need it. i think you have to go through certain things to get where you need to be and to get what you want. it never works out exactly the way you expect - sometimes better, sometimes worse. chances are, you're on the right track at this point and maybe what seems out of reach really isnt. it's still in reach, just in a different way, if that makes sense. if not, what do i know? maybe i'm just guessing. :)

sunny said...

maybe it wasn't supposed to make sense, but i read you loud and clear - per usual.