Friday, July 30


i found this blog by accident, and it makes me smile.  i'm not going to tell you whose it is, or where it is, but it really makes me happy to read it, and i think it's great.  keep your chin up, you, because it's important.  look on the happy, when you smile, your world smiles back.  it's very important.  i even started a list of rules for my life, because of that thought.  they are as follows:

Rule #1 - Smile!

there's this whole
theory that i haven't really gotten into investigating, not totally, but it links up to stuff like this, and this stuff really makes me think hard, because it makes sense to me.  i think it's true, and i want to share, because it's what i did.  and i'm working on the have now, and it's fucking awesome.  s'cuse the language.  and that makes me want to share it with people who i think deserve to smile, and that includes that person who's blog i've been reading and loving most recently.  chin up, and smile, hon. 

uh, i guess that's my only rule, so far. 

(that second link, i did WITHOUT the aid of that thing i've been using to tell me how to do stuff like that, and i feel really very very smart about it.)

(what's even better?  i just assumed that it would work.. and it didn't, lmao, not the first time around, when i wrote that first comment.  life is so funny, i love it.)

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B said...

I think its a good rule. I try to live my life by that one in most cases.