Sunday, July 25


it's a phobia.  i'm not sure where it stems from, it's not all big cities.  just chicago.  it's so big and in the middle of the cold and it doesn't really seem like there should be any good reason for loads of people to want to live there (sorry, amy).  it makes me scared, because even though it's freezing cold and there's a big amount of murder, you've got to toss coins into booths to get there.  like you're paying to get to this cold, scary place that no one really should want to be in to begin with.  it's irrational, i know that. 

i'd worry more about the pet hair that i'll be bringing with me, than the stuff i'll be taking home.  not that i'm terribly hard to find, but how on earth did you do it?  i really want to know the process.. did you search for me under "sloppy"? 

speaking (typing) of which.. i love the fact that because i like beer and i don't mind the 4-5 hour thing, i'm perfect.  you should see my oksummary, it's VERY non-flattery.  let me show you..:  less organized/sloppier/less ambitious/more extroverted/cruder.  these are the definitions they came up with, after i went through scads of questions about every intimate personal detail imaginable.  i'm crude and sloppy and lazy.  that's pretty much what it boils down to.  i can't believe someone thinks that because of that, i'm wonderful.  life is beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

there are so many more reasons you are perfect, i cant explain. youre so right, just by being you. I think you suddenly showed up and made things better; you made things right. the little things and the big things about you make me so happy that i couldnt begin to explain it if i had to. sloppy, clean, dirty, doesnt matter. you are you and that is all I need. You - are all i need.