Thursday, July 29


i got a shirt a while ago, and i loved it, even though i'd promised myself that i wouldn't advertise for things i've nevr seen , or places i'd never been.. or jeans i'd never be able to afford.. on my clothing.  it's a tank top that says hawaii on it, and i love it.  i changed my philosophy on shirts because of that one shirt.  i even bought one that said california.. and then decided that i'd buy shirts that said the names of ALL the states i'd never been to, cause it's ironic and funny.

i'm wondering if i can someday scratch "florida" off the list of shirts i need to buy, given my new philosophy.  i'm thinking it would be wonderful, to be able to.  i don't really believe it, and i won't.. until it happens, because i hate to get my hopes up, but i think it would be amazing.

no, i know it would be.  just like the amazon, only with less bloodsuckers.


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