Friday, July 23


i took a million of them.. i took pictures of everything cool and wonderful and great about camping yesterday and today.  i ended up with one.  one good picture of people i barely know.  but i can explain what i took pictures of, if you'd like.

- the water, me in the water, my feet underwater, myself -my body- underwater, gorgeous water.

- my family, playing video games, watching the grownups, being the grownups, fixing my car.

- random stuff i think is beautiful, my cousins kids, the telephone where i called collect, the masterlock on the toilet paper dispenser.  stuff i want everyone to see, stuff i want everyone to realize is beautiful the same way i find it beautiful.

- myself, underwater, on my raft, in my bikini, basking in the sun (sort of glad you didnt see me in all my mostly-naked glory, pretty sure you aren't as grateful as i am), pictures i took of myself with the things i love so very much.

- a giant marshmallow, rather, several marshmallows molded into one, being roasted over the fire.  priceless.

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