Tuesday, July 13

... and now, it's time to stop refreshing, and start enjoying my day off. Monsters, Inc, here i come.

i miss Ashley, from the vet clinic, and her (then)boyfriend-turned-(now)husband. we used to go to all the kiddie movies together, and they never made me feel like an extra wheel. good people, i should email her.

i hate how i let myself drift away. saw a guy i went to school with (omg, minor flashback on one of the conversations i had last night..) 10 years ago, who i hadn't seen since. it's funny, i never realized - it's occured to me that the reason that people never acknowleged they remembered me was for the same reason i never did, either. they thought i wouldn't remember them.

life's a little sweeter now that i started realizing that it doesn't matter. those people will forget me, again, just as fast, if they don't remember. and if they do, i'll be that great person that i used to be to myself, back when i was too scared to acknowlege. i'm starting to confuse myself, it's time for a cartoon.

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