Tuesday, July 20


june, 2002.  i went to the grocery store where grady used to work, to see him.  see how he was doing, see if he was busy that night, all the usual stuff.  hadn't seen him in about a year, and i was excited to see him.  if nothing else, i needed a big hug.  i'd just gotten screwed over (almost too literally), and i was in need of a friend.  on my way to his work (3 blocks) it started downpouring.

in the 25 feet from my car to the door of the grocery store, i was completely sopping wet.  dripping.  i was a hazard to anyone walking behind me.

i found grady and was talking to him about his plans for the evening.. he looked at me all oddly, crazily.. i ignored it.  asked what he was doing that night.. he was on break with his girlfriend, and invited me to a show that he was going to.. i agreed, and said i needed to go home to get presentable.

he said, "Oh.. well.. i'll tell you this much:  soaking wet, you don't look half bad."  and blushed.  i long for torrential downpours.

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Cleo said...

Funny how something like that sticks with you... I remember being out in the rain in the middle of the night in college, soaking wet, and being blissfully happy. One of those crystalline memories I pull out and shine a light through periodically.