Sunday, July 11


i've got a feeling i've been completely right. it just seems like too much, all at once, that life is going well with. i feel like i shouldn't analyze too much, or it'll disappear. i'll wake up. there are flaws, but they seem completely inconsequential, in the long run. much less stressfull than the smallest thing, when you don't actually get along with the other person - which is completely different from where i am now. i think he could be in australia, and i'd be hitch-flying there in a heartbeat.

s: does it feel like that when i look at you?
b: honestly when you look at me, i get this feeling in my chest like i am going to explode and i get this feeling in my head like there is nothing else around and all i want to do is keep looking at you
b: so yes, it feels like that
s: you are amazing

i think that sums things up nicely.

I like this one. I get that feeling again every time I read this. It's one of the reasons I keep reading it over and over over.

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