Wednesday, July 14


at work, i was harrassed for an entire week, because everyone thought the (one) pot of coffee i('d) made (ever) was undrinkable. i told my dad this, this morning, and he laughed. you see, he's been training me for the past year or so to make coffee the way he likes it. after he laughed, he told me to tell them it's "cowboy coffee". how embarassing.

i like my coffee cowboy-style, strong and potent. i like it with a little bit of sweet and a little of that french vanilla creamer (the powder, not the liquid - the liquid grosses me out). if someone else is making the coffee, and it tastes like hot water, then i like it weak and plain.

in short, if it has flavor, i want it sweet and a little creamy, and i drink the whole damn pot. if it's bland, i'll drink it - but only because it's impolite not to.

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B said...

At the place i work, we have one of those big metal coffee machines. Doesnt even look like it should make coffee. It started out with pretty good flavor, but one day, it went downhill. something went terribly wrong, and the coffee sucked. They still made it, and we still drank it, but it tasted as though it came from a shoe. Not good. Recently, they fixed the machine and now we drink happily. Here's to better coffee.