Sunday, July 18


they're always intimidating, i think.  i talk about mine a bunch, i know, but it's only for the stories they gave me, that i need to share.  i spent so much time of my life with other people, it's a shame to not tell people about it, and i guess it's your fault if you find it something to get defensive about.
not all the stuff i talk about it bad stuff.  the bad stuff i share, because it makes a good story, sure.  some of the good things (the really good things) i might share have more to do with who i am, and what i've decided are important in a relationship.  i had one or two relationships that were great, and i learned a lot from those, too.  about the type of person i want to be with.  that's actually more important than figuring out who i don't, don't you?
unless a guy gives me reason to think that he wishes i was more like an ex, i'll pay him the same curtosy i ask of him - don't be all jealous, it's not manly, it's cave-manly.  thanks for not.

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Anonymous said...

In my experience, being jealous does no good. It doesn't bring you any good and it usually is silly for you to get that way. I figure that if someone is interested in me, or with me or around me, there is a reason for that and comparing yourself to someone else is an exercise in futility. If you know someone and you trust someone and know that they care about you for you, then everything will be fine. The past is the past, and like you said, you have to take all of it and learn and grow from it. I definitely know what I dont want from past relationships, and I also know more of what I do want. That is what's most important.