Tuesday, July 20


RPhx really really pissed me off today.  my blood was boiling, actually.  we've had him for 2 days now, and he's got this way of starting a story.. "You know, i don't know about you but..", and the 5000th time he did that today, it was "..I really don't understand all those gay people.. "
i'm a little sensitive, and i admit it.  but i think that anyone the slightest bit open-minded about homosexuality would have about popped the guy in the nose, after his story about how a guy touched his knee, so he elbowed him in the temple, and then his kids stepped on him on the way off the trolley.  there's no reason for me to get this upset, and they have no idea that i'll be sensitive to the subject (much less as sensitive as i am), so i like to take lots of deep breaths and keep telling myself that he's an old fuck and couldn't possibly know any better.  all the while, shaking in my shoes. 
i did mention to him that it's not cool for ANYONE to grope someone who has expressed complete disinterest in being groped... has nothing to do with being gay.  to which i received the usual "*shrug* , i guess.. but he was GAY!"  which seems to make people think it's more horrific. 
then, after that story, when my defenses were already at a max, donns goes to tell her story.. about how her best friend in that other state she lived in was SOOO SOOO GAY, and how he was soooo completely gay.. and how her husband never had a problem with it, how the two of them were actually friends (as if it's unthinkable), but only after her husband made it abundantly clear that there was to be no hitting on him, because he was not gay!.  it almost makes my blood boil more.  it's just as offensive as if i were to become friends with lisa's boyfriend, but only after he made it PERFECTLY clear to me.. like:
me:  "Hey, you're my best friend's boyfriend, nice to meet you!"
him: "Well, i guess i'll shake your hand and be friendly, but just so you know.. i don't want to have sex with you.  i mean, just because you're attracted to men, doesn't mean you can have sex with me.  Just to get that off my chest right away.  So no funny business."
ooh, that pisses me off.  so i started to say something to that effect.. and i stopped myself.  i guess i just figure that there's no reason to get all crabby and defensive.  i just told them that i really wanted to drop the topic, because it was making me upset and uncomfortable.  also that i had some close issues with the subject, and i don't want to get mad. 
but man, i can't stand that.

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B said...

people generally are stupid. they dont think about what they say before they say it and they think that everyone around them has experienced the same thing and maybe even shares their belief system. they feel that intolerance is allowable. everywhere you turn, you can see signs of this being allowed by politicians, people in the media, people around you. its bullshit. i think it is harder to be open and understanding, and people dont want to take the time to try and be that way. sometimes its scary, but doing the right thing can be, i guess.