Tuesday, July 20


was good.. i feel like i'm getting the hang of things, and everything is going more smooth-ily.
went to the store and got a chicken dinner that i should eat before it gets cold.  while watching buffy.  love the buffy.
those of you who love me and want to call me, who have my home number, feel free to do so, cause i love you back and always love to hear how your day(s) went. 
beautiful day.  guy i like (16!  hahaha!) who i work with (it's not gross/pedipheliac, i swear!) was working - apparently he'd been on vacation (looking at colleges, LMAO).  really, honestly, it's not like i like him like that, it's just that we get along, and i think he's got a crush on me, which i'm not crushing as heartily as i should be, cause he's cute (not sexually attractive, just a cutie-pie) and us old gals need a little ego boost (like a 16 year old with a crush) every now and then. 
eating lovely chicken dinner and watching buffy and waiting for that lovely phone call from someone i adore now.  kisses to all.

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