Thursday, July 15


there's this guy i know, that i got along with from day #1. when i first met him, i was a senior, and he must have been a sophmore, high school. my group of friends was the least age-conscious in the school. we had equal parts seniors as juniors, and so on.

grady and i hit it off great. i was in a relationship, but we were great friends. we called each other all the time, just hung out a lot, and had a lot in common. that was back when he was a hippy, and he couldn't grow facial hair yet. grady was my #1 favorite person, and he's never really gotten rid of that title.

we had a chance, one time, of making it more than it was.. one night in december, he stayed at my house. we were alone, and watching movies all night, and we came close - i'd say within inches - of being those friends who make out. but we didn't, something stopped us. i'd be lying if i said that neither one of us ever regretted not taking that chance.

through the years, we've gotten closer. grew apart, talked less, but gotten closer somehow, nonetheless. i see him (if i'm lucky) once a year, now. and yet, every time i see him, we don't even say hi, it's just a mutual hug-for-as-long-as-we-can. he's the craziest, happiest goth guy i've ever met, and i love him to death. it's not that i want the timing to finally be right, i just want him to find someone a little bit more like me. make sense? i want to hate her because deep down i know she's better for him than i am, not because i'd make him happier - even if i don't want to be with him. i love him too much to see him with someone who's not right.

me and him, we've had our chances, we never took them.. it's not meant to be. because we never made it anything more, i've got a friend that's eternal, and probably the only one i could say without a doubt who would die for me, if given the chance.

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