Monday, July 12

Here's My List of Awesome Things What Happened Today:

-dream (amazing, absolutly, still waiting to think what everyone else thinks about it, if it sounds as right to them as it does to me.. felt more like a preview, or a vision of the future, than a dream. i've explained earlier.)

- Dan Jeske (i'll explain this later, see post #2.. long story short, another reason why i feel like it's worthwhile to always ALWAYS be nicer than you feel comfortable being, to everyone.)

-Kent Pics. found some pictures that kent had brought into the pharmacy, and forgotten to take when he was (forcably) leaving. Kent is great, and wonderful, and i've liked him from the first time i saw him. him and i would have worked together great, and i miss that about him, even if we never got past "hello". there was a chemistry there, one that i hope to acknowlege by bringing these pictures that he left behind to his house. creepy as that may be, i think my baby-face can pull it off. i just really want to tell him that i wish i could have worked with him, because i liked him. he totally reminds me of an olde english sheepdog. laid back, friendly, and generally funny to watch in action.

-i LOVE the 90's. lisa and i laughed throughout the entire thing. priceless.

-we sat around drinking red delicious in a box, and talking about the great aspects of wine. Wonderful.

-i got a free coffee mug from the guy who came to milk info from us today. i noticed him sitting there, realized he must be a rep, and smiled and beguiled him over, just to ask if he had anything good for us today. since i mentioned it, he had a couple coffee mugs, a lot of pens, and some highlighters.. totally won the coffee-mug-battle, lmao
first come, first serve, you know ;).

- girl i work with, megan, totally cracked me up. quote from her, "I don't take pills.. well, i do.. but they're the turney kind." that was in responce to my laughing at her for not being able to negotiate her way into a child-proof bottle. apparently, child-proof is synonymous with megan-and/or-sarah-proof, lmao.

-i have this song in my head, has been ever since i heard it on the kmart radio network.. "Tonight, you're mine.. completely.. you give your love.. so sweetly.. "

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B said...

Carole King song. It's a good one to get stuck in your head.