Monday, July 12

I Had a Dream

and all i can say is, wow.

i was standing next to someone, holding the layer of ice on the lake (which was more of a giant pool - above-ground like that). he was holding the tougher side up, and then he left for a second. i took over, in that spot, and pushed, trying to keep the ice on the lake. it was dusk, and all of a sudden the wind picked up, and it was so very hard for me to keep the ice where it belonged. some of it was falling.. and then he came up, behind me, and said, "Here, let me get some of that.." and started helping to push.

(this feeling that i got, that i get, that i think he gets too, totally reminds me of a line in one of those books that shouldn't have been as wonderful as it was, that i read when i was 12. "i was flying, i was deep underwater.")

and it was the most overwhelming thing i've ever felt. what made it even better (i can't believe there IS an even better), was that he felt it too, and i could tell, because he froze - just like i did - and he apologised. said he hadn't realized. and we pushed the ice back onto the lake for a minute, by default, because that was where we were when we froze, but when we could move, it really stopped mattering where the ice went. my hands went under the water, and it should have been unbearably cold, but i couldn't feel a thing.

there was a little more to this, mostly innocent, but a girl's gotta keep some things to herself.

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