Tuesday, July 13

i just had a great idea. what i think i'm going to do, once i figure out how to have pictures on a blog, is start a blog for just my pictures. it'll be pictures and only pictures, not even captions. the captions, i'll put over here. it won't really be private, but i want to be aware of the people who are looking at the pictures, so the people i give the address to will be required to let me know in some way that they've looked at the pictures.

on the other hand, shouldn't people be free to just look and not have anything to say? why am i telling people they can't be anonymous?

but shouldn't i be able to dictate what happens on my blog(s)?

but what gives me the right to take away a person's basic freedoms?

it's my fucking blog, damnit.

i think i'm going to go shopping (more aptly known as browsing, when one has $0.43). i would go to green bay, and do my browsing there, but i really don't want to place any faith in what mood the car's going to be in when i finish browsing. i could wait until mom gets home from work and use her van, but who knows if it's got any gas? i hate admitting to my family that i'm broke (again). Oooh, just remembered have $2.55 left over from money i borrowed from Donns. lovely. soup in fridge at work from yesterday can be a meal on wednesday (or thursday), and the $2.55 can pay for the other day. i love it when things work out.

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