Tuesday, July 13

Jargon (and desensitizations - yes, i made that up.)

(this ties in nicely with a post i posted this morning, which makes me glow. i love the flow i'm having lately. basking, that's a good word for it.)

one day, ashley, tim and i decided to go out to see a movie. Lils and Stitch had just come out, and as ashley and i had been talking about it for aproximately forever at the clinic, waiting for it, she invited me to go with them to see it on the night it came out. at first, of course, despite being thrilled at the idea, i declined, and said she should just go with tim. she of course, told me "Nonsence", and we went. (has anyone else ever thought of what would happen if someone AGREED with your polite declination of such invitations?)

before we went to the movie, we went to dinner (this sounds oddly like a date, only we went to arby's and then to a kiddie movie. actually, it sounds even more like a date i'd really enjoy, now, lol. i digress). when we were at arby's, about halfway through our meal, we started talking shop. i was telling a story about one of our part-time staffers (all of whom were vet school students at the local U), Jess, who was a complete space-cadet.

earlier in the day, i was doing some paperwork, and a client was waiting for some test results on a fecal she'd brought in with her dog. in a bag, not on a leash. the client was tapping her foot, waiting on these results (negative), and Jess should have been looking at the test, should have already done it, instead of being stationary staring into space at (my!) desk. so i very sweetly asked her if she'd ran the fecal. complete ignorance. a little more loudly, same responce.. (those of you who know my storytelling techniques already see where this is leading, i'm sure).. "JESSICA! HAVE YOU RAN THE FECAL?!?".

at this point in the story, ashley is busting out laughing, because she works with jess, and she knows that that's how it is. tim, on the other hand, ashley and i notice at exactly the same instant, has turned white. we're confused, and asking him what's going on for aproximately 2 minutes, when suddenly...

i turn white.

i whisper across the table to ashley, because the conversation around us, which is picking up a little bit again, is still VERY quiet, "We're going." after putting up a little bit of a fuss, "No, i want to know what happened first!", she agrees, but only if i swear i'll tell her in the car. i didn't make it to the car, just outside the door, before i told her why tim turned white. tim informed me that my suspicions were correct. also, that the lady in the booth behind me had literally thrown down her sandwich in disgust, which i find completely hysterical.


Cleo said...

I've done that, too. Nothing like three techs and a civvie discussing maggots over lunch to gross out the civvie...

sunny said...

he was fine with it - used to it cause of ash.. that was his reaction to the reaction of the rest of the resteraunt. LOL