Wednesday, July 21


you know how some people, you just click with and get along with smashingly, and everything's great?

that's how karen is, to me.  she's a tech from another store, who helped us out one day.. she's amazing.  been doing it for 10 years, knows BOATLOADS.. she's patient, too.  and funny.   one the RPh's was wandering through the shelves, looking for something, "If i were an enema.. where would i be...?"  Karen looked over at me and muttered, "Up someone's.."

spent most of the day today on the phone with her, calling over this or that little problem we're having.  so nice, she never acts like i'm putting her out in the slightest, and full of compliments for me.  we chat, too, can't seem to hang up after we're done.  she's coming up to help us out next week - she's been begging to, i guess.

if i were gay, i'd totally be trying to steal her away from her husband and two kids.  she's a lifesaver.

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