Wednesday, July 21


woke up this morning, had a wonderful talk with a special someone (mmm, talk with someone).. and then went out to my car, to get to my early appointment to pee in a cup.  when i sat down in the car, i noticed a note under my windshield wiper.. thought it was lisa, at first, and grinned.. she leaves me funny notes sometimes.  wondered how long it'd been there, and read it excitedly.

turns out, when i forgot that augie was outside last night (probably 1/2 hour, tops!) one of my neighbors left a bitchy note threatening to call the cops. 

funny thing is, they had to walk halfway around my house to get to my car, didn't they notice the lights were on in the house?  i hate them for not knocking and asking me in person.  talked to jan (oneandthesame) just now, and apparently the cops WERE called.  don't leave a threatening note and then directly afterwards, do the "if you don't, then i'll be forced to" action.  that's just plain stupid. 

plus, by the time the cops were banging on all my neighbors' doors, augie was inside.  pointless.

(one other thing, on the note, she wrote, "My husband and i work (insulting, hello!  i work too, probably harder than you do, too).  Have some consiteration for your neighbors."  i hate people who can't spell, and don't even try.)


B said...

What bastards! There are rules of engagement here. If they are going to leave a note, leave it for the night and let the neighbor read it. THEN, if it keeps up, call the cops. Dont be those neighbors. Everyone will hate you.

Cleo said...

What a wench! I think we need to rumble....