Tuesday, July 20

last night was possibly the best night ever, theoretically. 
had celebratory date at finest resteraunt in town.. due to gift certificate for free drink and $15 off, it came out to fairly cheap.  nice.  and considering we both got raises, it seemed more than worth it.  sat and ate while watching the near-zoo that the owners have next door.. llamas, alpacas, a camel(!), an angry-looking turkey, and a goose.  chickens ran around trying to mate the whole time, too, which was amusing.  well, the male was trying to mate.  the female was more.. trying not to mate.  still, hillarious.  watched their maccaw - sitting on a stair railing, watching all us people eat.  he'd amuse himself by sliding 1/2 way down the railing, and then catching himself and climbing back up.  it was great.
bought a lamp - this one isn't quite so spot-lighty, a little more pleasant for the hours on end it'll be staring at me (along with other staring).  tried it out, it's wonderful.  i was beginning to think i'd go blind.. and not from any of the fun ways.
highlighted my hair, finally.  i did the bottom part the other day, and i've just been waiting for lisa to come over and finish me off.  i generally give her full artistic freedom, she does great.  i'm (sorta) blond now.. interesting.  haven't been blond for a while.  everything always has a tinge of red, though.. just something i've come to expect. 

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Cleo said...

That whole dying-your-hair thing is soooo fun! I've been a "redhead" off and on since college, and I can't imagine letting it grow back out to just brown.

I promise not to make any blonde jokes...