Sunday, July 11

new blog

i'm going to keep posting at the other one, but i'm going to start this one too, because i like it better.

if you want the history, here goes:

because apparently i'm retarded, and can't post a link even with a fail-proof tool, you can copy/paste this:

actually, changed my mind. maybe i'll post date those ones over here or something, but i like this one waaaay better.

the surreal life (as told by lisa on the phone) sounds like it would be amusing, but the idea that there are people in this world who've never rowed a boat or been in a tent is really disgusting.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, nice place. Looks like you done some decorating...I like the colors. You've got good taste. I can't wait to see the pictures you will post and to read the things you type. It's pretty exciting to think about the future and what is in store. I like that feeling.