Sunday, July 11


you know what i absolutely hate?  i hate it when something (for example, a website) is talking stupid-talk to me.. like explaining things in the most simple language possible, so that there is absolutely no way it can confuse me.. and i still don't understand what they're trying to say.  sometimes, it's like.. by using the simple language, they're dumbing it down TOO much, and they're not really saying much of anything at all.  the stuff in between the words that i don't really comprehend.. the stuff that's supposed to give me contextual clues.. that stuff is dumbed down, so much so that i can't get the context clues, and therefore can't figure out the words that they HAVE to use, which are a mystery to me.  will it help if i give you an example?  probably not, but here goes: here, see for yourself

maybe it's just one of those things that i'm stupid about, and that's why i feel so lost.  lol.

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