Friday, July 16


i'm an odd sort of perfectionist.  like it's been mentioned before, i'm pretty "sloppy" (gross, i know).  thing is, i don't mind messy people, i'm a fairly messy person.. in my private life.  at work, i try super-hard to be someone that is outstanding - no matter what i'm doing.  i'm the best deli/cashier/servicedesk/receptionist/tech(working on that one, lol), and i take GREAT pride in doing what i do very well, and doing it with a happy face on.  the thing that takes away my happy face faster than.. something really fast.. is when the people i work with don't care
my day went fairly well.  there were problems, of course (when you deal with insurance companies, there always seem to be problems - not to mention customers), but it seemed like i was really on top of the game, i was on the ball, all those happy-face metaphores?  they all applied to me today.. right up until closing time. 
our RPhx for the last two days (his last day was today) really wanted to get out of the store by seven.  i told him that of course it wouldn't be a problem, we had almost everything done already.  well, there's a sort of a more-complicated-than-my-non-mechanical-self-would-like thing we've got to do, to order the stuff we dispense.. every night.  it was only my second time doing it, and i flubbed it up.  major flub.  it's pretty much fucked.  this was at 5 to seven.  so i left work thinking, "Fuck!", and he didn't give a shit. 
why should he, though?  this is the major thorn in my side, with my new(ish) job.  i don't blame him for not caring.  he doesn't come in tomorrow.  he won't be here when those people come to pick up the stuff that we promised we'd have in on monday (that i let disappear from existance).  i wouldn't.. or maybe i would, lol.. but most people wouldn't.  i'm left with the burden of guilt for this, and i'll bear it all fucking weekend, because the guy they had as my supervisor knows less about the store than i do - and i've only been there for 17 days.  Beautiful.  now i get to think about it all weekend.  i'll probably go in tomorrow (my day off) and explain what happened, and try to fix it, until they throw me out. 
Le Sigh.

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