Friday, July 16

Employment (I am, to date, qualified to do the following jobs):

Dairy Queen
june '95-june '97, first year+ spent getting rides from mom/dad, too and from.  pay started at way below minimum - but i needed a job, wanted a job.. even if it paid $3.45/hr.  worked there for a long time, just because it was convenient, and it sort of fell into my lap.  loved being the person who'd been there the longest, twards the end.. just as i quit, my pay got moved to that of my new job, which was
june '97 to june '98, year there, loved being good at it, hated being the girl who stood there and rang stuff up.  go figure, i'd spend most of my professional career before i was 24 doing just that.
'98 to '99.  no comment.
the next few were all jobs that i had for <6 months apiece..  caterer (2 days), telephone survey taker ("Excuse me, is there a Mr. SoandSo available at this residence?  Ok.  Sir, this is Sarah, calling with SoandSoIForgetWhatWe'reCalled.. I have a few questions for youWERE NOT SELLING ANYTHING"), overnight janitor (custodial scientist), bookstore, Spammer (hahaha, for a personal's website), RainbowFoods Deli, thrift store (one of my favorites, but allergic to dust), Paper Warehouse Rochester, Paper Warehouse Roseville,
Animal Hospital
LOVED IT.  receptionist/vet tech.  actually better than one of the two techs they had working for the specific reason.  moved back home, though, and had to quit.  :(
good job.  good food, good people, good fun.  some of which wasn't against corporate policy.. oh, wait, pretty much all of it was.  oops.
spent almost a year trying to please someone who was trying a little harder than that to not be pleased, no matter what i did.  really beat me down.  a lot.
HUGE relief from previous employ.  that's about all that was really better, but hey, it was enough.
i really like it, even if i bitch a bit.  i'll really like it more, once i'm certified, and everything is more stable.  can tell i'm already making a difference there, which i LOVE.  might do this job for a while, though probably not always at a retail level.  hopefully, i mean.  lol.


Anonymous said...

yeah, i know.. that's 18 jobs. even if i started when i was 14 (which i did), that's not a great average. lol. i get bored once i know how to do everything.

B said...

Knowing that someone else my age has had more than their fair share of jobs is a great thing. I dont feel so bad about not settling anymore.