Monday, July 19


i don't think there are terribly many really truly good people in the world.  i think that there are a lot of half-way decent people, and some mostly good people, and a handfull of complete shit-for-people.  there aren't too many really honestly good people out there.  almost everyone has a hidden agenda, and if that agenda is big enough, they don't care who they strike down getting there.
but for the handfull of us that are good (and yes, i'm including myself here), the moste important thing you could possibly be is real.  don't try to sugar me over with fakeness.  don't think you're going to confuse me with your backhanded ways.  those people just make me sick to be someone who can't call them on it - at least not most of the time.
i'm so lucky, to have such great people in my life - through conventional and unconventional means - that love me and care about me and would do anything for me.  shit-for-people, beware.

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sunny said...

sorry, crabby a bit this morning, phew!

scared myself there.