Wednesday, July 14

This Morning

back waaay back, 5 hours ago, i was babbling on the phone. i was telling someone who didn't really hear me a million things that i was completely relieved to be able to say, without guilt.

maybe you didn't hear me, but i know when i called back to say the most important thing, whether you remember it or not, at the time, you made that noise that you make sometimes when you're happy.

i found something this morning that we've been looking for for almost a fucking year - in the place i've looked a million times before. sitting next to something i'd forgotten existed, in the crevise between my on-the-floor bed and the wall. because my phone fell down there, and the battery knocked off. because i was insane and panicking for a second, thinking that if i didn't find it, forsure you'd call at that minute, and forsure because i didn't answer, you'd just say, "Oh, well, guess i'll find something easier."

i'm built to worry. :)


sunny said...

going back to sleep, now. drunk you is too cute.

B said...

I would continue to try until i made a connection. no doubt about it. not an easy giver upper