Friday, July 16

when you're watching me, i like to have myself on the screen.  when you're looking like you look when you look, and i see me there, i dont see me there.  there's this girl there, this pretty, this beautiful girl there, who i don't really recognise.  she moves like move, or sort of how i move, only more graceful-and-elegantly.  and more slowly, on a slight delay.  she makes me jealous, ludicrous as that sounds.  i wish i could be that girl, the one who looks like that, and moves like that, and makes you look at her like that.  i'm afraid that i'm not her.. and that that will disappoint you.  course, we won't really know, cause maybe i'll be more like her, when you're watching for real.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You're that girl that I see on the screen every day. Seeing her for real, will just prove what I believe to be true.

You're even better than cameras and telephones and blogs could ever show.